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For each message sent on Tell Your Partner, we store the date and time of the request, sender’s IP address, message transaction ID, and the status of the message sent.  Our system also stores the sender’s phone number for authorization purposes and to enable us to identify those who use the service inappropriately.

For recipients, we store the phone number the message was sent to for verification purposes. This information is stored indefinitely in our database. It is NCSD policy not to sell, trade or give away this information.

We may use information about your server, IP address and browser-related information in the general administration of our website. We may use aggregate information (i.e. number of messages sent per month, etc.) for administration and improvements to our site, as well as in articles and presentations in professional journals, conferences and workshops.

We may correlate to the aggregate information additional non-specific user data, such as the date, time, destination of message.  Third party providers of services, such as SMS messaging, may also save transactional information associated with their services. Third-party providers are governed by their own privacy policies, which you should review prior to using their services.